The Dream is Real

“I appreciate, that you have the affection, now translate that into a useful energy. If you illicit that feeling, that is significant, because the most important trait of a doctor is the soft traits in us. . The patients love to see you. Even if you are not the summa cum laude, you will be […]

Explore: Inside the De La Salle Health Science Institute- College of Medicine [Virtual Tour]

De La Salle College of Medicine Virtual Tour- DLSHSI [Video]   Happy Thursday, everyone! It’s almost the weekend. We just finished our Finals, week 5 of our 6-week straight exams, and now we’re having a little break preparing for our Comprehensive Exam (from 1st to 2nd year subjects e.g. Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology). But because I don’t […]

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ABOUT Student Doctor Diary

I don’t think I’ve had the opportunity  to introduce myself and this blog yet. 🙂  I’m Chloramphenicole (Chloramphenicol is an antibiotic useful for the treatment of a number of bacterial infections), a second year Filipino medical student. After countless contemplation to get over my uncertainties, I’ve finally decided to create my own blog. With this, (aside from sharing […]


ONE EPIC NIGHT! WATCH IN HD GUYS! 😊😊 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP6iZMHiEc8&t=1s < I was not able to cover all the songs of PNE, because my camera’s battery got drained. Oh well! I was able to enjoy the whole night  with my arms strain-free, at least 🙂 LEGENDS 🎤🎸💕 #Medball2017 #ParokyaniEdgar A post shared by Maria Nicole Denolo (@chloramphenicolee) […]