student doctor diary

HOME, 2019

this is 2019


Dedicated to Rajeeb Hussin (+) a friend and a brother.


Forever 2019


It was the start of the year as I wrote this piece,

but twas already raining with unending difficulties.

Like each and everyone, feeling bruised and hurting,

blinded, and beaten, from the battle we’re suffering.


But as I looked around, I saw everyone’s faces,

I felt a sudden rush of blood in my veins, traces

of  memories, of winning and losing,

crying and laughing, passing and failing,

acting together on anything and everything,

swiftly filled the depths of my heart, echoing.


“3 years of growth, immense growth.

3 years of pain, immeasurable pain.

3 years of lessons, life-changing lessons.”

I caught a glimpse of all that have shaped and molded us,

a once in a lifetime conspiracy, was laid upon us.


We had been sharing a life, a quest, a dream together.

Right then and there, I fathomed, God has gifted us each other.

It was as if He whispered, “Together, I am with you”.

Amidst all, I have found myself a breathtaking view.


This batch has formed its own heart and soul,

joined together, in sync by one goal.

Brought by aspirations and agony,

unfamiliar faces turned into a family.


The uncertainties on my soul were gone faster than a heartbeat.

What was supposed a flood of tears in my cheeks, turned at once into a glowing beam.

I am proud of who we have fought to become, together, I know we can face the world and overcome.


They say, home is made of love and dreams,

then right on we found home,

Forever in 2019.









You are loved. You are needed. Time heals all. We will carry on.

I believe in you.  #Laban2019


Photo: Batch 2019 Multimedia Team