De La Salle’s RPAMD Library Zoning Initiative

De La Salle Romeo P. Ariniego MD Library Zoning Initiative

De La Salle’s RPAMD Library Zoning Initiative


De La Salle RPAMD New Library Zoning Initiative


What is your favorite part of the library?

Mine would be the area with the big glass window facing the series of bamboo grass outside.The natural light coming from the windowpane, and the stunning greenery, just helps me clear my mind, when I’m lost in the track of all of my transcription/notes piled up. The serenity brought of that specific space helps me focus more on my study materials at hand.

The Romeo P. Ariniego MD Library of the De La Salle Health Sciences Institute (a full-complement medical and health allied institution), houses the resource collection (books, journals, theses and periodicals to name a few) of the seven colleges.

RPAMD Library recently utilized a visual strategy featuring DLSHSI Medicine students, inspired by Griffith University Library in Brisbane, where big and bright posters were spread out throughout the library to define how spaces are used.

The Library Zoning Initiative aims to establish “zones” within the library space to foster environments that suit the diverse needs of its users. It intends to develop a culture of responsible use of space among users while considering the interests of others whom they share the space with.


Three zones were established throughout the building.

Silent SpaceDe La Salle’s RPAMD Library Zoning Initiative

It serves the pensive readers where speaking or making noise is not allowed.

Designated library section: Medicine Section at the ground floor


Quiet Space

De La Salle’s RPAMD Library Zoning Initiative


It is intended for serious studying where there is very little or no noise.


De La Salle’s RPAMD Library Zoning Initiative


Designated library section: Allied Health and Reference Section at the second floor, Periodicals and Theses Section and the Multimedia Section at the third floor


De La Salle’s RPAMD Library Zoning Initiative

“The library is the mirror of the academic soul. The library sets goals and objectives in support of the plans and programs of the De la Salle Health Sciences Institute.” (@rpamdlibrary)

Collaborative Space

De La Salle’s RPAMD Library Zoning Initiative


It encourages two or more people to work together to create or achieve the same thing. Interaction and communication are promoted in this space.


Designated library section: Discussion Rooms


Photos of students on how one should use the different spaces were laid out in big posters, and installed in designated areas.


The campaign started in October 2017 where one poster was installed in each zone. More posters shall be added in the zones soon to inform users and develop the attitude towards responsible and considerate use of library space.



Comment down below what you think of the inititative; and share with me your favorite zone/space in the library! I would love to hear yours!


Visit Romeo P. Ariniego MD Library Facebook page for more details about this campaign.

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Photography Jennifer O. Montehermoso, DLSHSI RPAMDLS

Lay out Anthony J. Bahia

Casts Nathaniel Peter Glenn Z. Castasus, Kelsie Kirsty S. Santos, Maria Nicole G. Denolo, Jian Jara Buena Manuel, Dixie Rizaline Maturan, Gerrie Mae Barlaan

Special thanks to Griffith University Library.


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