PLE 2017 medical board exam Philippines

[VLOG] Physician Licensure Exam 2017 Board Ops | A Day In A Life Of A Medical Student | Philippines

While waiting, checkout the recently concluded #PLE2017, behind the scenes Board Operations.


PLE 2017 medical board exam Philippines


Many apologies for the mini hiatus. My last blog update has already been a month from now: A personal Review of a Medical Student on the Movie BAR BOYS.

It’s because the last weeks were so brutal – unending paper works and the feeling of  my self unpreparedness on small group discussions and exams are taking their toll on me. Besides all that, I was starting to feel the pressures of blogging. I started this  for my own personal creative expression, to share with you  little snippets/highlights of my  life, but lately it’s been less of that and more of a comparison game.

It’s so easy to start measuring self worth by the number of followers/likes/subscriptions you get, and I’m not gonna lie that I also fell prey to that. So I took a little social media break to regather myself.  And now I’m back with a VLOG 👊🏼!

Despite the heavy weeks, I’ve been feeling more and more myself thanks to the  incredible opportunities and activities I engage outside the corners of auditorium/classroom, and one of it, is the Board Operations, also known as Board Ops (were volunteer medical students and doctors go on testing sites to cheer board takers).

It is the first from our institution/medical school, and I am very happy to took part of it.

PLE 2017 medical board exam Philippines

PLE 2017 medical board exam Philippines
Board takers with Dr. Elomina

It was really thrilling to be immersed to the feeling and experience the board exam gives, even though I am/we are not the one taking it yet. The nerves and the feels were everywhere, that it was hard for everyone in the testing areas ( both board takers and supporters) to maintain amd keep composure. But looking back, 3 days ago, I am glad I witnessed how everyone have striven hard to finish the fight. It was a really nice and humbling experience. 🙂

I tried to capture it all to share with you in this short Vlog!

(Disclaimer) I totally lack skills both filming and editing, I only used my smartphone to shoot, and it was also my 1st time to work with the editing software I used, (technically I started from scratch) so forgive the heart and star transitions. 🙂 But I hope you guys will still like it!

A+++ for the effort 🙂


Aside from the vlog, here are some of the photos we’ve captured throughout the course.

PLE 2017 medical board exam Philippines
Team St. Jude
PLE 2017 medical board exam Philippines
Team UE

Medical students from different year levels volunteered to cheer our ates and kuyas who took the Physician Licensure Exam.

PLE 2017 medical board exam Philippines
All out support from the College of Medicine.

PLE 2017 medical board exam Philippines


PLE 2017 medical board exam Philippines
Congratulations for making it through doctors!



Thank you so much for dropping by on my humble platform! Hope you guys enjoy this kind of content!

See you on my next!





Praying that God and the entire universe conspires to assist you and give you what you seek! God bless, doctors! #PLE2017

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