bar boys movie chloramphenicole md student doctor diary

A Personal Review of a Medical Student on the Movie Bar Boys

“Para kanino ka nagpupuyat”?

-On top of all the paper cases I should be doing, I decided to watch Bar Boys instead. 🙂


bar boys movie chloramphenicole md student doctor diary


“Ultimately, the film is about sacrifice,” he said. “I find it sad that many people take education for granted. Some students would think nothing of plagiarizing from the Net in writing their papers.”

But law and medical students are a breed apart, he said. “They put in long hours—sacrificing sleep, time with family and friends and their health. I admire their hard work.” –Oebanda (Director),

Here is Bar Boy’s one liner synopsis:

A group of friends enter the dog-eat-dog world of law school.

Starring: Carlo Aquino, Rocco Nacino, Enzo Pineda and Kean Cipriano

Written and Directed By: Kip Oebanda

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Interesting right?

On top of all the paper cases I should be doing, I decided to watch Bar Boys instead. 😊


I am by all means not an expert movie critic,  just a student, professional in reviewing her exams. 🙂

The 1st time I saw the trailer I told myself, I definitely need to watch this movie.

I’ve been waiting since last year, and now finally seeing it, did not disappoint me. You don’t need to be a lawyer,  law student, nor a medical student like me, to appreciate and love the film.

Bata, matanda, estudyante, di lang pampamilya, pang sports pa, 😊 will surely enjoy and sympathize with the characters.


bar boys pelikulang pinoy

Seeing the diverse origins and issues of the characters were really nice, iba’t iba man ang pinanggalingang, napagsama sila ng isang pangarap (+modeling) and pagkakaibigan. 🙂

Their friendship has withstood the test of time; they’ve become resilient, and won over the challenges thrown to them by law school.  It is really great to watch the characters mature and evolve in the movie.

bar boys movie chloramphenicole md student doctor diary

For the past month, since the school year started, I’ve been personally drained and tired from everything that is happening around me. As a medical student, being flooded with paper cases, left and right, ward work and community outputs, the tight schedule, and losing sleep as always were really strenuous.

Tanggap lang ng tanggap, bigay lang ng bigay is definitely exhausting.

“2 linggo pa lang yung klase, pero parang limang taon na ang tinanda ko”. – Erik (Carlo Aquino)

But the movie had me reawaken that I am not alone, on this difficult journey of “survival of the fittest”.  That this very demanding process I am dealing with, is part of a bigger picture for me to grow, just like every protagonist in the movie. Super relate! I had associated myself so much on this tough course, you need to experience first, to achieve your dream.

bar boys pelikulang pinoy

At the end of the day,  just like in the movie no hard work, faith in self and God, no success.

I won’t spoil you how they manage the trials brought to them by Law school, so make sure to head to the cinemas!

But, one lesson for sure that I picked up from the movie, is that

 just by believing in  yourself,  you are already halfway there.


bar boys movie chloramphenicole md student doctor diary


I highly, highly recommend this film. It was really realistic to bits, from the dialogues, mannerisms, and difficulties portrayed by Rocco, Carlo and Enzo; it’s as if you are also with them in law school. That even if you know that it is already challenging, you might still be inspired to take up Law.

Make sure to catch them in the cinemas! Here is the trailer of the movie!

Enjoy watching! 🙂

The movie, Bar Boys is one of the entries of the 12 films that participate in the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino.
Tangkilikin natin ang sariling atin! Nood na!

Kudos to all the actors and everyone behind this brilliant film! Congratulations Bar Boys!


Stay inspired!