The Dream is Real

“I appreciate, that you have the affection, now translate that into a useful energy. If you illicit that feeling, that is significant, because the most important trait of a doctor is the soft traits in us. .
The patients love to see you. Even if you are not the summa cum laude, you will be effective, because you will be able to treat them. They will not ask if you’re a latin honor, they will feel if you love them, from the care that you gave. COMPASSION is the most important peculiarity of a doctor.

Commitment, Competence, and Compassion, you have 1 piece of the puzzle in you. You’re 2nd year medical student, now complete all.” –Dr. Ramos, ENT 💎

So much inspiration and transformation from today’s simulation session. Now let all that realizations stick to you, and never lose that heart Nicole!

The dream is real!