VLOG: Eat Girls at NIU by Vikings


Eat Girls of 2019 goes to NIU!

Hey guys, this is my first time to create a vlog! Phew! Will try to learn technicalities soon! For the meantime, feast your eyes and enjoy watching! 
Watch in HD!! 


Eat Girls at Niu by Vikings. Best Buffet in the Metro. 

Me and my girlfriends went to the upscale and lavish version of Vikings at SM Aura Premier. According to Niu, they offer an “evolved dining experience” and obviously it is! We had a blast eating to our hearts’ content! ALL the food are delicious, well-crafted, and exquisite. There is also a wide selection of food that guests will SURELY* enjoy! What caught our attention are the unlimited steak and wine! Yes, you heard it right, MEAT and WINE!  Will definitely be back for those babies, plus their vibrant desserts – from cakes, gelato and yogurt ice cream! The employees of Niu are also really nice, which added as a plus factor! It is definitely a must-go place, to celebrate food and life!

Bday girl, Ara! 💖

Full Story at Niu 

NIU offers a wide selection of food that guests will sure enjoy. We hold nine different stations with a various selection of meals. You are sure to feast on these distinctly appetizing dishes from all over the globe.


It is my first time to create a vlog, just because I wanted to freeze and capture the moment!!
#parasablog 💖

I hope you guys liked it as much as I did, while making this! To growth, and more fun content on this blog! 


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Niu is loated at  6th Floor, SM Aura Premier,
26th Street Corner McKinley Parkway, 1630 Taguig.

478-3888 or 847-3888