AFTER EVALS: #Wave7Whatever

Weren’t able to take photos of the place, because we’re all busy taking photos of the food and ourselves. 😙
Wave 7 was no joke at all, It was our “all or none”, the time were students can make bawi (pull their grades up), or the other way around, because it was our 2nd to the last evaluations before Finals.
The difficulty of the exam did not change, or maybe not. It was even harder. 
In a scale of 1 to 10?
The intensity was 10/10.
pwede pa ngang 11/10.
The usual. Time was compressed but the number of transcriptions still unread is tripled.
 PD wardwork practical exam was even harder because of 2 modules joined together. #combomeal.
I wasn’t able to read the handout before, and the rest was history.
 I was mental blocked.
 I can’t even remember the #basic difference of Kernig’s and Brudzinski’s sign, the terms radial and ulnar deviation, and how to test constructive apraxia. 
huhu, I was very unprepared and doomed. 😶
My preceptor was very keen on every minute details of my report, which it should be, but I was just at my fault that time; but she was very kind enough to recap the things I missed after…
 her winged eyeline can even kill us haha (love it of doc #deathbycateye). 💖
PDWW was only one of my mishap sabaw moment this exam. Well everyday naman is sabaw day!
 On the grand finale were we had our last 3  exams, Internal Medicine- Neuro Module became my alay. or everyone’s alay. It was so hard my brain had necrose and liquefy. haaaay.
 #triplekill brought to you by Commed, Psych and IM.
It was soo nice to go out after (bec we rarely do) and breathe fresh air, away from the suffocating spaces of our studying desk and just chill on a Friday night.
So we went to Buon Giorno- Twin Lakes for our well deserved after evals. The place was very cozy and quaint. There were only a few people at that time, considering it’s a Friday night which was really nice.
Now down with the gallery of photos!


the lights were so unflattering, so what? haha 💖
Buon Giorno at night
and at day. Photo from Gastronomy by Joy.
The place was really lovely. 
😍 Will  definitely come back at daylight! 
 twitter famous, @neilcastasus
follow him, to fix your day! haha


and after food shot 😂 #struggleisreal
Thank you for dropping by!
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  • Hi beautiful. I love that you are having fun in medical school. Enjoy life because i know how you guys work so hard to get that M.D. after your name. xoxo