What My Messenger Says About My Med School Life

By JC Gardiola

So I went through my Messenger last night and these were the latest messages that came from my high school barkada and friends outside med school (It’s funny but these messages from my friends perfectly summarize my life and what med school is like),

“Ikakasal na si *tropa*!”

I’m turning 25 this year and I still have no thoughts about getting married and having a stable family. Med school is a full time job minus the salary, the benefits, the vacation leave etc. I have no income and yes, I still ask my mother for weekly allowance. Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s my younger brother now who’s giving me allowance. Ugh, I’m a financial burden for my family.

“Good luck on your exam!”

In med school, every day is exam day! Hooray! And you will either master your prof’s lesson or master the art of panghuhula (channeling in your inner Madam Auring). But seriously, if there’s one thing about medicine that I did not expect to realize it is that exams are not the only measure of learning. Exams and quizzes maybe crucial in determining how well I do in med school but beyond the classroom learning, there are things that a ¼ sheet of paper or Scantron cannot measure. The real lesson in med school is experience; through continuous learning experience outside the school.

“Ba’t gising ka pa?”

Time is gold. Totoo ‘yan in med school! Like legit! Every moment I spend not reading is 1 point I lose from tomorrow’s exam. Thank God for McDonald’s, Starbucks and Coreon Gate for providing us med students the comfort for overnight studies and for the no-tulog-cos-I-need-to-make-bawi quizzes.

“Kelan ka uuwi?”

I have not been home for almost a month now. It’s sad that I get to miss family gatherings. I’ve missed my mom’s birthday for two consecutive years now L. All I can do is call because I cannot be with them. I get to miss most of the special occasions so every time I have the chance to go home, I make those days extra special. I make sure that every moment I get to spend with my family is memorable. Those weekend memories are worth more than the allowance they give me for the week (<3) and more than enough to refuel me for next week’s hurdles.


I appreciate this message a lot. Like seriously, every now and then, it helps when a friend asks me how I am. Because I get to take a break and breathe – I get to evaluate myself and ask where am I and where am I headed. I get the chance to rewire my brain and to recharge my motivation. Every time I feel the doubt growing inside me, I stop what I’m doing, take a deep breathe and think of the reasons why I’m here, why I sacrifice a lot of things and why, despite of all the uncertainties, everything is worth it. 🙂


Medical students share common traits,  from the very little details of our social media content, on how others “non-med or muggles”  communicate to us, and we “wizards” to them; and to the daily challenges of  med school life . But really, we are just a bunch, blessed and lucky enough to have each other, and have all these people who were always been behind our back, supporting us, trying to understand every transformations we had. 💖
I was not able to post on the 1st monthsary of my blog, 😶 because med is life and WAVE 7 is real, but I will try my best this coming  May, even though  its “hell” month.  Thank you so much to, JC Gardiola, the contributor of this creative content ( I became friends with him because of MGMR, I’ll create a separate post on my personal MGMR 2017 experience if time allows #parasablog 💪). If you have any questions you can comment below, or message him directly on his instagram @juanchootri. Make sure to follow him too! 😙

If you thought any of my previous posts were even the least bit helpful or relatable,or if you have any  content you want to see in the future, drop a comment and let me know what you think!

Last, thank you so much to the 23,000 people around the world, med or non-med, who had read and visited my 1 month old blog. 
I’m still at loss of words on how to react on what has happened since I started. All I think I can commit now, is to stay true to myself on all the future contents I will bring to you, not thinking on how people will perceive negatively on my neophyte craft.
Much love, y’all!! Maraming Salamat! 💖
Stay tune on my future exciting posts!
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Comment down below if you’re also a medical student, who got a perfect score of 10. 😂

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The author, 3rd year medical student, is the APMC-SN (Association of Philippine Medical Colleges- Student Network) Representative of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.