Prescription: Better Mental Health!

Because it is still #WorldHealthDay in the other side of the world; And I believe that we should practice and celebrate health every day, here is a prescription for better mental health!


1. Treat yourself with kindness.  In this cruel world, sometimes simply

2. Saying “NO” when you need to is liberating.  Love yourself.

3. Step out of your comfort zone. Go join an organization or volunteer on Medical Missions. Medicine is not just about studying, but also honing your individual self and relating to others

4. Don’t compare yourself to others. Rather, focus on yourself, and the changes and small victories  you’ve acquired and conquered.

5. Embrace your mistakes. They don’t define you. This is the most difficult one, but it will help you grow. It will be a lesson learned, that will make you not commit the same mistake again (just like in every exams).
6. Be truly present.  Be aware, immerse yourself, may it be a lecture, simple return demo, or taking history from patients.

7. Make Fun a priority too.  With all the academic stress on your shoulders,  go and eat out with your friends once in a while and watch drama or movies you badly want. They are effective in keeping you sane. And dang, you deserve it with all the midnight oil you’ve burned.

8. Savor good memories. Say yes to new adventures.

9. Make new friends. Talk to your batch-mate you haven’t talked to for the 2++ years you’ve been in med. Sometimes a simple Hi, How’s your day? Is effective to break the ice. Sabi nga nila, Dyan nagsimula ang lolo at lola ko. <3

10. Create something. Like what I did, the reason I started a blog. It’s a place where you can vent out and even empower and inspire. You don’t know but by helping  others, you have helped yourself.

11. Appreciate what you have. Appreciate that you are the luckiest person in the world, to be able to pursue Medicine. Many would want but NOT everyone will have the chance to be on your seats or in your position rn. Appreciate the people who have helped and supported you. Appreciate the patients who have taught you real life. Appreciate your professors, for their passion to impart knowledge on us.

12. Write down your successes.  AGAIN, Focus on your victories not on your struggles. It will show how much you have conquered.

13. Move your body more. Go join that zumba class, or start going to gym you’ve always wanted since post-holiday.

19. Pursue a hobby. Try blogging! Sing! Dance! Volunteer! Find your fire!

20. Confide in trustworthy people. Sometimes what you all need is to let out all the heartbreaks you’ve been keeping yourself all this time. It will help you move forward and Start. Confess. 

21. Treat your mental health with the same importance as your physical health. With all our lectures in Psychiatry, it is easy to associate and identify ourselves from the normal or pathological conditions on our own mental health.  Physiologically, we are struggling inside and out, and it is alarming how we set aside and neglect. Change this mentality and go ask for help when you think you need it.

That’s it! Thank you for reading my #MindfulMed #WORLDHEALTHDAY entry! In our own ways, in many ways, we future healers, can help heal ourselves mind and body.
I was blown away from your support on my last post! Thank you so much for following along! Happy #WorldHealthDay!





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