Pancakes and Celebrations

Soo proud of my girl, superandeeeng💚
You deserved your extra pancake serving!

This is a short appreciation post cause it’s one fine benign day. Nagkayayaan out of the blue, to eat breakfast and celebrate. 🙂

Last last night, we got confirmed that one of my med bestie superandeeeng, got elected for the Secretary General of APMC- SN (Association of Philippine Medical Colleges- Student Network,  is an assembly of Philippine medical students) S.Y. 2017-2018. She surely deserves it, and I’m an obv proud friend who saw how passionate she is as a student leader since our undergrad days.  Her  motivation and dedication to serve is so noble, I’m just awe inspired in her.

We will always be here for you, and support you, from Dasma with love (to your Manila meetings), always! Congratulations again ate andeng! Way to go! 



P.S.  And we told you, your Red Velvet Pancake is way too salty!
Insert Elisha here. <3

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