student doctor diary

HOME, 2019

  Dedicated to Rajeeb Hussin (+) a friend and a brother.   Forever 2019   It was the start of the year as I wrote this piece, but twas already raining with unending difficulties. Like each and everyone, feeling bruised and hurting, blinded, and beaten, from the battle we’re suffering.   But as I looked […]

YEAR 2017

  There’s a lot I’m taking with me from 2017. Memories that will last a lifetime 💭, friendships that cannot ever be replaced 👯, and more knowledge than I thought was possible to obtain 🙇🏻‍♀️. I experienced some of my biggest accomplishments and some of my greatest failures, but I wouldn’t change any of it. […]

blogmas 2017


Off tune christmas carols, dizzy heads (bec of the weather), and cramped legs, nothing mattered bec for a brief time, we were able to bring smiles and laughters to the children on pediatric ward.      Microblogmas✨ This holiday season has been one of the most memorable and most impactful for me: 🎄 Adopted-A-Ward on […]

Check your privileges

It is surreal to imagine that while I am one more semester till clerkship, there are girls and boys that do not have the same privileges as I do. I want myself to be reminded, that while I’m complaining about how hard the exams are getting, others are battling for basic needs. While I am […]